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TDW: Tag Team BAttle by LifelessEternal
TDW: Tag Team BAttle
Rare traditional art from me, while i get my stuff sorted out.
The match is between Oliver vs Shermy, while the leaders watch over the match.
On other news Cagemon finally got to his ultimate stage, say hello to Servantmon!
[K-I-N-G-S] Stretch Meme 001 : HAKU by LifelessEternal
[K-I-N-G-S] Stretch Meme 001 : HAKU
"Sucess is due to our stretching to the challanges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them." - John C Maxwell

Haku wakes up every morning around 5:00am, to exercise.
He places a blind fold around his eyes to disable his sense of sight, and runs through the park attempting to maneuver through
he area without stopping or bumping into obstacles, this helps sharpen his instinctive reflexives. Then walks all the way home with the wrap secured on for his final exercise to inhibit his sense of direction. In all, exercising & developing his sense of hearing. 

Earned 75 Points

Haku (c) LifelessEternal
Meme (c) shocktail
Hey there you slags, well a few things are coming your way, first we have 2 upcoming groups I would love you to look into and watch if you'd be interested in joining.
1. :icontd-embodiment: [Underconstruction]
  • Needs app
  • Needs journals
  • Needs whatever groups now a'day need.

2. :iconmortis-noctis: [Underconstruction/Openingsoon]

  • Needs mods
  • [Workingon] Baddy
  • Finish Journals

One more thing, have a beautiful day.


unconventional individual who just wants to spend his time delineating french women in his spare time.

[ Skype Name: ] | lifelesseternal

Favourite style of art: " Death, Vulgar, Creepy, Human."
Personal Quote: " Our lines are filled with emotion, don't erase, but learn." - Lifelesseternal
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